Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Fire and smoke damage can leave a heavy residue on ceilings, walls, floors, furnishings, and all other surfaces inside your home or business. This residue is a result of incomplete combustion so it may be just as heavy when you have a small, smoldering event as it is when you have a full blown fire.

Fire and smoke damage is usually more serious than what you see. Smoke travels throughout your home and contaminates every open space or air pockets. Smoke will form chains of odor and discoloration in corners, behind doors, and in other hard to reach spots. This creates a situation that makes complete cleaning and odor removal difficult.

The severity of your Fire and Smoke Damage will vary based on many factors:

  • What burned and for how long
  • How much time has passed between the event and the initial, emergency cleaning
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • What surfaces or materials are affected
  • Does anyone in the home have breathing issues or lung problems
  • Is the smoke black, gray, or white and what is the odor level
  • Is the residue heavy, flighty, greasy, or dry like ash
  • Was the smoke driven by convection (hot air/flame)

These factors determine not only the severity but the cleaning process, and which is most effective- deodorizing and cleaning versus replacement.

All fire and smoke damage should be inspected and assessed by a certified professional firm. Repairing fire or smoke damage prior to thorough cleaning can result in long term damage, long term odor issues, and may compromise the quality of the repairs.