Water Damage Restoration

Water Mitigation and Drying

Water damage restoration begins with mitigation. Mitigation is the step you take as a home or business owner to prevent water damage from becoming more severe.

Rapid response and assessment are critical to slowing and stopping damage and preventing secondary damage from occurring. Water and high humidity can quickly affect trim, finishes, and fixtures. Water becomes trapped in wall and ceiling cavities and under floors. Mold may grow quickly, affecting air quality, as well as increasing the cost of the project.  Structural damage can occur if structural members are wet for prolonged periods of time.

Our trained technicians use professional moisture detection and monitoring equipment to determine the extent of moisture intrusion and determine drying goals.

Blue Sky works with and for you to efficiently and professionally mitigate and
repair the damage to as good as or better than before.

RED-T Drying Process for Water Damage


Of excess water. Extraction is one of two methods used to remove moisture from a structure. Extraction is 1200 times more effective than dehumidification alone.


A Key to effective dehumidification. Air movers are used to push trapped moisture out of your materials into the air so it can be removed by dehumidifiers. Blue Sky uses industry-approved guidelines to determine the number of air movers to use in your structure for optimal evaporation.


The collection and removal of the vapor pushed into the air by the evaporation process. It is important that evaporation and dehumidification be properly balanced and monitored. Too much of either can hinder the drying process or cause secondary damage to materials and contents.


Is important to effectively and efficiently dry out. Temperature affects how the dehumidifiers operate, your comfort during the process, and the prevention of secondary damage through condensation.

These four steps are carefully monitored by Blue Sky’s professional team so a proper balance is achieved and maintained within your indoor environment.

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