Mold Evaluations
& Testing

We are the experienced local authority

Blue Sky’s mold remediation team is IICRC certified in improving indoor air quality, mold testing, and remediation.

Air and surface sampling, inspection, consulting, and remediation are services we offer. We provide specific microbial management recommendations and mitigation procedures with healthy air quality as the end goal.

The key to mold control is moisture control.

  • When evaluating mold problems, it is critical to address the source of the moisture – or the mold will reappear.
  • High humidity and condensation sources, water leaks, HVAC system problems, and other maintenance issues are all contributors to high humidity and water leaks.
  • Mold remediation procedures usually do not vary based on the type of mold that is present.
  • The steps are to identify and stop the source, contain the affected area, control the environment with specialized air scrubbers, remove physical spores, clean all materials within the affected area, and then repair as needed.

Timely action to address air quality is important to safeguard a healthy indoor environment.

Mold remediation requires evaluation

Mold naturally occurs in our environment and is present in our indoor spaces. There are thousands of types of mold and fungi. How do you determine what is or is not harmful?

For the general population, short-term exposure to mold may have ill effects on the respiratory system. Over time, the cumulative effects of exposure can lead to serious health issues. People with respiratory issues, compromised immune systems, asthma, headaches, and breathing difficulties, the very young, or the elderly, may be affected more easily with smaller amounts of spores and less time of exposure. Mold remediation requires evaluation and planning to completely remove the source of mold and mitigate future growth.

If you have visible mold growth or are concerned about your air quality based on health issues or odors, but you see no visible evidence of growth or moisture – inspection and testing may be for you. Blue Sky’s certified professional technicians are equipped to manage the entire moisture and mold remediation process.

*If you feel you have health problems related to mold, call your healthcare provider.

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